2014 Most Popular Feather Earrings Collection

We have got lots of customers and fans asking about the 2014 new feather earrings collection thing. And here we apologize for the delay release of new items. But finally we got some new stuffs in. Check this post to view the best 2014 feather earrings collection.

New peacock Feather earrings

Be the Super Star Peacock Bird Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earring Wires

Material:natural blue peacock feathers,rare bird feathers,polka dot feathers,goose feathers,sterling silver earring hooks

Size: feather piece:Approx.10CM(4″) Lx 6CM(2.4″)W.


This is the latest design of our KissPat team! Many rare and beautiful bird feathers are added to this unique earring set! We made these feather jewelry with love and care.Hope you will love them!

This item is designed by Hana and 100% handmade by our professional hand craft team.

Gorgeous Fancy Peacock Striped Feather Earring with Sterling Silver Earwires

About 3 ” long, 1.5″ wide.

This feather earring is made by all real feathers including peacock eyes, small peacock feathers and pheasant feathers.100% handmade with care,

It looked like a simple feather earring, right? But indeed we used 3 different kinds of feathers to make this feather earrings. It’s so pretty that loved by our entire team.

Silver Sterling Peacock Feather Earring

100% handmade with love and Care

Designed by Kisspat!

Made by Silver, Beads and Real Peacock Feathers

This item is total new and was designed by Hana also 100% handmade by her.

Love these three items? Do not forget to claim your offer at kisspat official site http://kisspat.com!

Where Can I find Cool Feather bracelets?

If you are looking for answer of this question, then you are reading the exact right post here!

Feather bracelet is a nice accessory for summer. Many designer brands had released metallic feather bracelets and other feather shaped bracelets, but those styles are  not really the original real feather bracelets. Here in this post, Kisspat will share some real natural feathered bracelets with you, hope you like them!

Peacock is always the most classic styles among feathers, kisspat had designed several peacock feather bracelets by using peacock feathers. The quality & Styles are so amazing! And another important tip is that these peacock bracelets are adjustable which means you can adjust the DIA to almost any size to fit your arm.

feather braceletThis beautiful peacock feather bracelet is handmade with love and care. When you take it off , please keep it flat and put into the jewelry box. They  will make a great gift!

Material: peacock feathers, rare bird feathers, polka dot feathers. Size:the width is around 3cm, the length is adjustabletWe choose topper leather and kinds of beautiful feathers for this exotic peacock bracelet. So BOHO chic and classy! Bracelet is adjustable so both adults or child can wear it with no problem. This peacock feather bracelet is perfect for kids and little girls, you can buy one for birthday gift or any other purpose. It will surprise everyone we guarantee!

This peacock feather bracelet is onsale now, you can get it for only $19.5! Pretty cheap, right?  Order it here!

If you really love the fancy bird feathers, then you should not miss out our fancy bird feather bracelet. They are perfect gift for couples! They are coupon bracelets!

coupon feather bracelets

These great feather bracelets were made by real bird feathers and with cruelty free collections and leather materials belt. They will be a perfect outfit accessory for the right summer here!  Like it?  Order it here!

Feather bracelet and feather headband can be a very nice accessory together. If you want a whole natural sunshine look on with feather accessories, you can try our Two In One-Vintage Black/White Feather headband and Bracelet Set

This pack include two items: One white/black vintage feather headband and one black/white feather bracelet.white feather headband & Bracelet The dia of the feather bracelet is adjustable so don’t need to worry about the size. The Feather headband is made by high quality band which has good elasticity so it can fit any size of head. They are made by real white/black goose feather+a few white/black polka dot feather, the bracelet is made by feather+leather belt. For the feather headband in this pack, there will be braided fabric coating on the plastic headband so you will definitely not feel any uncomfortable when wearing it. Every set of these feather headbands and bracelet are made by our team with love and care! They are so much better than the items you buy from craft stores or any other boutiques. Order which they are in stock!

Like them? Order here!

Peacock Feather Headband? Stand out in this summer with Kisspat!

I know you love Peacock feathers or Peacock Feather headpieces, Here in this post I will share some gorgeous peacock Feather headbands with you.  Supplying the best quality feather items for customers is always the mission of Kisspat Feather. For the coming summer, some bright color and simply styles of peacock feather headbands are just perfect for your selection.  If you love peacock feathers.

Gorgeous Peacock Feather headband

Gorgeous Peacock Feather headband-The best seller in Kisspat Feather Store! This peacock headband is 100% handmade with love and care, it's made from about 12 big eye peacock feathers, and sticked together into a feather headband. Now only cost $26.5. 50% OFF ETSY handmade items!

Click here to Order Now! Peacock Feather Headbands Accent Pearl

Dream of A Princess Classic Elasticated Peacock Fringe Hair Band

Dream of A Princess Classic Elasticated Peacock Fringe Hair Band- Love Celebrity Peacock hairband? This is is designed for you! We use about 20-30 high quality peacock birdling feathers to make this hairband. All feathers are well inspected and picked, this one is just unique and perfect for your summer!

Click here to order yours! Dream of A Princess Classic Elasticated Peacock Fringe Hair Band


Kisspat Multicolor Peacock Feather Hairband 2012 Trendy Style

Kisspat Multicolor Peacock Feather Hairband 2012 Trendy Style- If you love wide hard peacock feather headband, this one is just for you! Also this headband is made by real peacock birdling feathers and they are really cute! This peacock headband is good for kids or youngs. They are in very good quality and shape. Also we use proper cartoon to protect them from damage, you have no worry they will broken during shipment!

Click here to order yours!  Kisspat Multicolor Peacock Feather Hairband 2012 Trendy Style

For more feather headband/peacock headband information, please visit Kisspat Feather Store Hifeather.com!

Where to buy Cheap Clip In feather Hair Extensions?

Clip in feather hair extensions are new trendy stuffs in 2012.  Owning a clip in feather extension, you can Put them on or Take them off any time, any where!  You can add some beatutiful colors to your hair for Boho style or natural styles just the same principle as natural individual hair feathers. Clip In feather hair extension is kinda like clip N feather accessories.  Some of them are very simple, while some of them can be vintage and complicated!  Especially for those handmade beading styles or hide rope feather hair extensions.

Here in this post, Hana will share some classic clip in feather extensions with you. Some of them are just regular combined feather extensions, some of them are kisspat 100% handmade special items just for you!

2012 Fashion Clip In Grizzly Feather Hair Extension Pink/Teal Blue

2012 Fashion Clip In Grizzly Feather Hair Extension Pink/Teal Blue

This is probable the most classic and beautiful Clip In Feather hair Extensions you can ever find.

There will be 1 long Pink Grizzly Feather+3-4 Short pink/teal blue Grizzly Feathers on one bundle. You can put them on head or take them off any time, anywhere totally by yourself. These feathers are all real soft grizzly Feathers. They can be washed and styled. The clip is high quality metal clip with silica gel coating which can protect damage to your hair. This clip is about 12-14″ Long.

Fashion Beads Tribe Clip In Feather Hair Extension Hot Pink

Fashion Beads Tribe Clip In Feather Hair Extension Hot Pink

The color of this hot pink feather clip extension is very bright and authentic! With polka dot feathers on it, it will be super cute and gorgeous! Fashion Beads Tribe Clip In Feather Hair ExtensionsTwo colors available: purple and Hot Pink. Each Rope with three colored beads. Three kinds of clip for your choice: Blond,Black and Brown.

This feather hair clip is one of the most popular items in Kisspat Feather store.

Miss American Clip In Synthetic Hair Extension

American Flag Printed Synthetic Hair Extension

This Miss American Flag printed clip in synthetic hair extension is popular in May! 16″ long, 1.25″wide, Made by synthetic hair but with American Flag printed pattern. Material: Synthetic Hair You can easily put this clip on or take off totally by yourself, no tools requried. Can be washed and blow dried.


Set of 2 Glam Crystal Clip In Hair Extensions Green/Blue/Teal Mixed

Set of 2 Glam Crystal Clip In Hair Extensions Green/Blue/Teal Mixed

Hair with crystal!  If you are looking for crastal hair, this one must be for you! Three colors in the pack: Green/Blue/TealHave fun adding instant style and color to your hair. Anytime you want! Anywhere you want!

Well, Clip In extensions will be popular and convenient for you to use! These 4 items are only a few popular ones in our store, visit our official website hifeather.com for more information!  Need help, feel free to let us know!

Where to Buy Extra Long Feather Earrings?

Feathers earring are popular in these years, especially for long feather earrings.  Just the same principle as feather hair extensions, long feather earrings are soft and submissive, especially if you have got long hairs. The feather earrings will be fused well with your hairs to make a BOHO or wild natural look.

But the problem is it’s not really very easy to find proper long feather earrings. A lot of stores or websites carry feather earrings, but just regular feather earrings. Most of which are under 6 inches long.  Many peaple love peacock feather earrings, but we know peacock earrings are not long since peacock feather are cute and little, so peacock earring will be not long enough for you to use.  Most long feather earring s will use high quality rooster feathers or grizzly/solid feathers. This make the extra long feather earrings much expensive than regular feather earrings.  But trust me, once if you own a pair of these, you will  not be regret.

Ok, here I will just share three extra long feather earrings with you. All of these earrings are coming from Kisspat Feather Store.

extra long feather earrings

extra long feather earring


Material:8 real long grizzly feathers 8-10 inches,4 rooster saddle feathers
Size:10″ in length
The earrings are about 10 inches long, and can be worn casually or a night out!
Super long feather earrings pop with teal blue and hot pink colors. Beautiful dangling grizzly feathers are hanging from shinning crystal beads.
Made with long skinny real grizzly feathers.This feather earrings are thick, long and luxurious! All the feathers are top quality ones. They can be curled and flat ironed for different looks, and flow with your hair with a extension effect, and definitely make you stand out.

This feather earrings is $16.6!

Natural grizzly feather earrings

Natural grizzly feather fancy earrings, Only cost $3.5, but with very fasionable and cute look!

Metal Chain Feather earrings

Metal Chain Feather earrings

As showing in picture, this earring is  long and with metal chain on the earrings. They cost $5.5, very inexpensive prices but enough for you to style yourself for a BOHO out.   For more Extra long feather earrings or Feather accessories, check out Kisspat Feather store http://hifeather.com!


Kisspat feather is on ETSY now!

A month ago one of our customer had sent us an email said:” We love Kisspat Feather! We love your gorgeous feather earrings, headbands and  many other accessories! And We believe many more people will love them too! Why don’t you guys start a store on ETSY.com?  There have a lof of people who are searching for such beautiful feather accessories!”

We thank the grateful suggestion had did some research on the whole ETSY thing and found out that our prices and styles are pretty competitive and we thought”why not?”.   It’s really very simple to set up a store on ETSY and start to sell things.  After 48 hours since we had uploaded about then items, there came an order for peacock feather headpiece.

Ok, this is our ETSY store homepage: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KisspatFeather

And the shop is look like this:

If you like Kisspat feather, you might want to take a look there!

We  will upload more and more items to ETSY soon!

Kisspat Customer Feedback-From A lovely blogger Karissa!

“I feel like a lucky duck… or peacock? thanks to Kisspat!”

Said by my one of Kisspat Feather happy Customers.

From Jan-2010 to now, we have got thousands of happy customers who love us so much. We feel so lucky that you guys are always supporting us. We can’t do or make these awesome feather items without your supporting and understanding.

Purchase-Hair-FeathersI can’t get enough! I am all-about the feathers for your hair and feathers as earrings and other jewelry! You can find them everywhere… online, department stores even street fairs! No longer are just hair stylists trained to put them in either, there are a lot of options for do-it-yourself kits! “-Said by Karissa!

“Over ten items for less than $30?!! Iam not kidding, all I have got is from Kisspat Feather!”-Said By Amber!

“These peacock earrings are gorgeous! You cant find them anywhere else!” -Said by Lydia!

And there’s more !

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Some Gorgeous Feather Clips Will be Released Soon!

Kisspat Will release some latest handmade feather clips, feather taenia and feather headbands soon. Here I will just post some pictures first. Let’s enjoy them right now!

Gorgeous Peacock Feather Headbands

Gorgeous Peacock Feather Headbands

This peacock feather headband is total new item and the DIA can be ajusted, so no matter you buy it for kids or adults, it will fit well.

Kisspat Luxury Blue Feather Clip

Kisspat Luxury Blue Feather Clip

This vintage feather head clip can be used as hair clip or brooch, all depend on your choice! And it suit for women for any age!

Kisspat Special Design White/Black Feather Flower Headband

Kisspat Special Design White/Black Feather Flower Headband

This one is gorgeous, isn’t it?

More feather headbands and clips will be released soon, view details at Kisspat Feather headpieces. Or comment below to share your thought with us!