Kisspat Solid Feather hair Extensions released!

We had been sourcing for high quality solid feather hair extensions for quite a time, now we are found them. We have got six colors of real solid feather hair extensions for your collection. They are all extra long solid real feathers, salon grade. Can bew washed and styled!

Extra Long Solid Individual Feather Hair Extension Hot Pink

Extra Long Solid Individual Feather Hair Extension Hot Pink

These solid feathers range 10-14 inches long. They are thin soft and pure natural. You are able to wash, blow dry, curl or style them without any problem. They last 3-6 months. Hot Pink feather extension is one of our most popular colors.

Solid Feathers are necessary if you want to feather yourself with most trendy look. They are perfect to be bonded with girzzly feathers to make BOHO hair feathers or you can just use micro link beads to put them on head individuallyl Unlike grizzly feathers, these solid feathers will not look very exaggerated, instead they are good for both young girls or adults.

These solid feathers are also perfect  for making clip in feather hair extensions, you can put them together with any other feathers you want to make a natural, BOHO or any other styles you like.

For regular customers, kisspat feather suggest you to buy some grizzly feathers+solid feathers, which will be much better for only grizzly feathers.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our offers(Only in this month!)

Order over $30 on feather hair extension items, we will automatically add a loop hair threader and enough Micro link beads in your pack! (Put a comment on your order for the colors of beads, we have three colors:black, brown and blond! The comment box will show up during checking out!)

If you need to make feather hair clips, you can also buy some DIY findings at our DIY supplies category.

Where to Buy Cheap Wholesale Feathers Hair Extensions?

Many friends are asking about”where to buy cheap feathers?” “Where to buy wholesale synthetic hair extensions?”. If you have done enough work, you may found there are several professional feather providers on this market. While today i would like to talk about several feather providers that many of you may know or already bought some feathers from their online store.

buy cheap feather hair extensions

buy cheap feather hair extensions

Today in this post i would like to talk about 3 feather suppliers, they are Fine feather heads,picasso feather hairs and KissPat feathers.

Like most of main feather suppliers, both of the three feather suppliers doesn’t have a physical store and they sell all their feather products online. While fine feather store focus on all kinds of real long and short feathers, for retail and salon wholesale.If you love real grizzly feathers, they may be one choice. For long feathers around 8-14 inches, you may cost around 39$( shipping not included) to get a 5 feathers clip.The advantage of their store is you have a really abundant choices if you love real grizzly feathers. They also offer bits of feather earrings, tools and other items.

While when mention picasso hair” feathers”, actually they are not selling real feather.Actually in their store, you can only find less then 10 items. What they are selling is colorful synthetic hair extensions which are imitating real grizzly feathers. You can order single feather, or order by 5 pack, 12 pack or 25 pack. To get 5 synthetic hair extensions, you may need to pay around $19.95( not including shipping ) as you can see from their site. These imitating feathers which all made in China are colorful and looks nice when put into hair. Most factories produce these extensions in the length of 14″ and 16″.But you can find more 14″ synthetic grizzly feathers on market.

Unlike the above two feather suppliers, KissPat feather locate in HK. And as you can see from the website, KissPat feather store has a wide range of feather product line, from real long grizzly feathers, short rooster feathers, cheap synthetic feather extensions, you can even find more feather jewelry like feather headpiece, feather earrings, feather necklace and even more. You can find feather extensions products are very cheap compared with other two suppliers, they are selling feather products on wholesale price, coz KissPat locate in HK sourcing from China so they can get very nice feather products with good price.Most of their feather products are range from $1 to $30.

We are not say who is better, everyone has different needs, so you can just find what need from the right store. We suggest you look around and make some comparison to buy good feather products with less money. (Find your Hair Feathers now!)