Kisspat Customer Feedback-From A lovely blogger Karissa!

“I feel like a lucky duck… or peacock? thanks to Kisspat!”

Said by my one of Kisspat Feather happy Customers.

From Jan-2010 to now, we have got thousands of happy customers who love us so much. We feel so lucky that you guys are always supporting us. We can’t do or make these awesome feather items without your supporting and understanding.

Purchase-Hair-FeathersI can’t get enough! I am all-about the feathers for your hair and feathers as earrings and other jewelry! You can find them everywhere… online, department stores even street fairs! No longer are just hair stylists trained to put them in either, there are a lot of options for do-it-yourself kits! “-Said by Karissa!

“Over ten items for less than $30?!! Iam not kidding, all I have got is from Kisspat Feather!”-Said By Amber!

“These peacock earrings are gorgeous! You cant find them anywhere else!” -Said by Lydia!

And there’s more !

WE thank you all customers who are talking about us on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and pin our Pictures on Pinterest!  Like Kisspat On facebook, Join us on Google+! We can’t do these business without you!

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