Where to Get Good Cheap Feathers for Feather Earring Making?

Good news! We are going to release around 10 more different feathers at wholesale price on KissPat online store! If you have ever pay attention to our online store, you may have noticed that we launched a new category “making earrings yourself“. In this category, you can find all you need to making feather earrings yourself.

making feather earrings yourslef

making feather earrings yourslef

Except plenty of feather materials, we also provide jewelry making tools and earring finding. So you don’t need to go here and there to collect these supplies. You may have know that all the feather jewelry on kisspat feather store, including feather earrings, feather headpiece, feather necklace, all the feather products are 100% handmade with the feathers listed in this category. And KissPat feather store even made some videos on their Youtube channel and blogs to help you make your own feather earrings. So you can really get something here.

According to some of our customers’s feedback,that they want some special shaped feathers for their jewelry. We are now preparing to increase the variety of feathers. So you will more choices here.

If you are just looking for some nice feathers to add to your feather jewelry making box, don’t miss out KissPat feather store. We always provide the same product with nice price compared with other feather suppliers!