Where to buy Extra Long Feather Earrings?

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Looking for long feather earrings? This post is for you! Here in this post, Hana will introduce you some nice gorgeous Kisspat feather design Extra Long Feather Earrings! We love long feather earrings just the same as you are. We have got these long earrings in stock and ready to ship since May, so if you like them too, please don’t forget to “add to cart”, or tell us what you are thinking about them.

10″ Super Long Luxurious Grizzly Feather Earrings 2012 POP Celebs Style

They are 100% handmade with love and care! A wonderful summer accessory and they will also make a great gift for gilrs!

Material:8 real long grizzly feathers 8-10 inches,4 rooster saddle feathers

Size:10″ in length


They are one of the best seller in our store this 2012!The earrings are about 10 inches long, and can be worn casually or a night out!

Super long feather earrings pop with teal blue and hot pink colors. Beautiful dangling grizzly feathers are hanging from shinning crystal beads.

Made with long skinny real grizzly feathers.This feather earrings are thick, long and luxurious! All the feathers are top quality ones. They can be curled and flat ironed for different looks, and flow with your hair with a extension effect, and definitely make you stand out.

Stunning Beading Trio Feather Earrings

All the collections ONLY@KISSPAT are 100% handmade crafts.If out of stock when you order, please allow 3 days for our processing when payment confirmed.

Material: feathers, beads, golden chains



These eye catching yellow drop earrings features a trio of bright yellow feathers and lovely beads. You will surely looks charming and chic on these feathery earrings.

This long feather earrings is perfect for summer. They are bright and vivacious just as same as in picture.

Extra Long Tribal Feather Earrings with Extension Look

These feather earrings has plenty of natural color rooster feathers hang on long bronze chains . It is wild and boho chic, girls’ must-haves this summer.

Material: chain,natural rooster feathers

Size:around 14″ long


This extra long tirbal style feather earring is just for those who want to  wear earrings with an extension look!

You want Extension styles feather earrings? Then this one is for  you! It’s long, wild and with very special looking.

Click here to view more information aout Black feather earrings and green Feather Earrings!

Buy Green Feather Earrings? Here’s what We have found for you!

As summer is coming, many people are looking for bright colors feather earrings. Like neon, blue, green, yellow, unlike classic black feather earrings, green earrings are sometimes too”bright” for official occasions.  Instead they can be weared at home, or in vocation perfectly. To find a pair of nice quality but affordable green feather earring is not an easy thing until you read this post.

Here I will show you some nice styles of Kisspat Green Feather earrings. Read and Enjoy!

Striped Long Feather earrings with wild bird feather!

Striped Long Feather earrings with wild bird feather!-These feather earrings are good for you! They are not short ones, but also they are not too long like some other exaggerated earrings. The feathers are soft and all with black strips, you are just perfet for coming summer! Buy one for yourself!

BUY HERE! Striped Green Feather Earrings!

Big Green Feather Hoop Earrings

Big Green Feather Hoop Earrings!- If Hoop earring is you best love, you should not miss out this one!These feathers are long dyed rooster feathers, they are soft and can be styled, about 6-7inches(the hoops not included) the feathers are soft and well made.

BUY HERE!  Big Green Feather Hoop Earrings!


Wearing Neon Feathery Earrings In 2012

Wearing Neon Feathery Earrings In 2012! Amazing Green feather earrings with Polka dot feathers. There will be dark green feathers and light spring green feathers on one earring +Orange/yellow polka dot feathers. If you are looking for the best shinny green feather earrings, this one is just for you!

Order here! Wearing Neon Feathery Earrings with polka dot In 2012

Green Feathers + Black Feather! Who love this?

Green Feathers + Black Feather! Who love this? Pure colors, pure white+ green, if you like green color and black, then you should buy this one!Special colored earrings! They are made of layered black/green rooster feathers. A very fresh look suitable for everydays outfit.

ORDER HERE!   Black Green Feather Drop Earrring~!

Well, of course those are not all! View more styles of Green feather Earrings at Kisspat Official store Hifeather.com!

Where to buy cheapeast Feather earrings? ETSY? Amazon? or Kisspat?

well, I know a lot of people are looking for cheap but quality feather earrings.  In some degree, feather earrings are just not like other siver earrings or metal earrings, they are a little flimsy and are not suitable for all occasions. So buying a nice proper pair of feather earrings could be a trouble thing if you haven’t done some research on it.

Here in this post, Hana will do the job for you. Let’s have some simple compare on the pricing of feather earrings. For example, feather earrings from Amazon, Ebay, Claires and our store Kisspat Feather. I just just list a few most popular styles for reference. Which will be enough for us to take a general overview of the item pricing. Ok, let’s begin:

simple natural peacock earring

simple natural peacock earring

Amazon sell:  $7.99    link:  http://www.amazon.com/SuperJeweler-Natural-Peacock-Feather-Earrings/dp/B004XTLPUI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335589843&sr=8-1

Claires sell:  $9.5     link: http://www.claires.com/store/goods/Teens/cat310104/Drop-Earrings/p27687/Peacock-Feather-Drop-Earrings/

ETSY sell:   $8.0    link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/80815645/simple-peacock-earrings?ref=sr_gallery_11&ga_search_query=peacock+earrings&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_type=all

Kisspat Sell: $2.99  link: http://hifeather.com/feather-earrings/103-peacock-feather-drop-earrings.html


Cute TonaGura Beaded Feather Earring

Cute TonaGura Beaded Feather Earring

Amazon sell: $5.98    link: http://www.amazon.com/Natural-Feather-Fashion-Earrings-Leather/dp/B005DGI7AG/ref=sr_1_4?s=jewelry&ie=UTF8&qid=1335596549&sr=1-4

ETSY sell:     $10.5 Link:  Not available at the moment!

Claires sell:  no information!

Kisspat Sell: $3.5!   Link: http://hifeather.com/feather-earrings/53-too-cute-tonagura-beaded-feather-earring-teal-blue.html

bright color goose feather earrings

bright color goose feather earrings

Amazon Sell: $13.99!  Link:   http://www.amazon.com/Handcrafted-Natural-Earrings-SWAROVSKI-ELEMENTS/dp/B005OZBHNA/ref=sr_1_93?s=jewelry&ie=UTF8&qid=1335597100&sr=1-93

Etsy sell:   €27,00 EUR~!   link:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/66133691/swallow-tail-feather-earrings-in?ref=sr_gallery_26&ga_search_query=feather+earrings&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_page=9&ga_search_type=all

Kisapat sell:  $6.8!  Link:  http://hifeather.com/feather-earrings/59-gorgeous-goose-feather-flock-earrings.html

Well, some some items I compared are not exact the same! But actually they are made by the same feathers and materials, and have very similar appearance. So The prices will be still available for reference.

Another point beside price of feather earrings is that the quality and styles.  Shopping with Kisspat feather, there’s absolute no low end items except the low prices. Every pc of item is full of our love and care!  For further informations about feather earrings, pls visit Kisspat official website: http://hifeather.com!