Which one is better, grizzly feather or solid feather?

Grizzly feathers are always considered to bet he best feather for making feather hair extensions because they are striped so can bring people real wild and natural look. But do you know that the combination of real grizzly feather and solid feathers will be even better for feather hair extensions?

feather hair clips

feather hair clips

People love striped feather and solide feather because they are soft and have very good elasticity which can bend anyway they like. If you just put a few grizzly feathers in hair, it will be a little simple and monotonous, so the better way is to make a feather bundle(With both grizzly feathers and solid feathers). Especially good for making a long feather hair clip.
It doesn’t matter if the solid or grizzly feathers are not all long feathers, actually long feathers are expensive. Sometimes we can just put a few long feathers + some short feathers together to make a feather bundle. Which can also bring very good effect and help us reduce cost. When i am making a clip N feather hair extension, I only put one long grizzly feather in the clip, and 1 short grizzly feather + three different colors of short solid feathers. When you done, you will find the clip in feather extension is total awesome and beautiful!
Ok, I admit this is not what I am writing about, in fact, what I want to say is that it’s meaningless to discuss whether solid feather is good or grizzly feather is good, you should use them in correct way and match your hair correctly. Then your feathered hair will be better than others.

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