Where to Buy Extra Long Feather Earrings?

Feathers earring are popular in these years, especially for long feather earrings.  Just the same principle as feather hair extensions, long feather earrings are soft and submissive, especially if you have got long hairs. The feather earrings will be fused well with your hairs to make a BOHO or wild natural look.

But the problem is it’s not really very easy to find proper long feather earrings. A lot of stores or websites carry feather earrings, but just regular feather earrings. Most of which are under 6 inches long.  Many peaple love peacock feather earrings, but we know peacock earrings are not long since peacock feather are cute and little, so peacock earring will be not long enough for you to use.  Most long feather earring s will use high quality rooster feathers or grizzly/solid feathers. This make the extra long feather earrings much expensive than regular feather earrings.  But trust me, once if you own a pair of these, you will  not be regret.

Ok, here I will just share three extra long feather earrings with you. All of these earrings are coming from Kisspat Feather Store.

extra long feather earrings

extra long feather earring


Material:8 real long grizzly feathers 8-10 inches,4 rooster saddle feathers
Size:10″ in length
The earrings are about 10 inches long, and can be worn casually or a night out!
Super long feather earrings pop with teal blue and hot pink colors. Beautiful dangling grizzly feathers are hanging from shinning crystal beads.
Made with long skinny real grizzly feathers.This feather earrings are thick, long and luxurious! All the feathers are top quality ones. They can be curled and flat ironed for different looks, and flow with your hair with a extension effect, and definitely make you stand out.

This feather earrings is $16.6!

Natural grizzly feather earrings

Natural grizzly feather fancy earrings, Only cost $3.5, but with very fasionable and cute look!

Metal Chain Feather earrings

Metal Chain Feather earrings

As showing in picture, this earring is  long and with metal chain on the earrings. They cost $5.5, very inexpensive prices but enough for you to style yourself for a BOHO out.   For more Extra long feather earrings or Feather accessories, check out Kisspat Feather store http://hifeather.com!


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